Aletsch Glacier

Me and my friend Seya took the first train on a sunday morning and made our way through Switzerland into the beautiful Canton of Vallais. There we did a hike along the mighty Aletsch Glacier and explored a stunning ice cave beneath it. It was exactly what I needed after the last weeks full of school work. On the way back we had to hustle because we needed to catch the last cable car, which went down at 4.35pm. When you have to hike on time, believe me it's anything but fun. Pretty tough but we made it to the station at 4.32, so no worries. As always, worth it.

In the ice cave beneath the Great Aletsch Glacier - The roaring sound of the river dropping into a huge waterfall a few meters behind me. This giant mass of ice that could literally swallow you in a blink of an eye. I felt extremly humble, scared and amazed at the same time. One could argue that going in there is ridiculously stupid but you could also say it‘d be a real shame to not expose oneself to such undescribable beauty.

Definitely one of those moments I'll keep with me, forever.