Dolomites Trip

We went on a spontaneous Trip to Northern Italy. Some of the most blissful days of summer. On the first day I met up with Nici and Rami in Sargans and we drove via Bregenz to South Tyrol. In the evening we did a pretty intense hike up to the Lago di Sorapiss. I could not believe what I saw when we finally got over the last ridge and I saw the lake. Words do it no justice, neither do photos; this was one of those moments when you know, you know. We set up our tents and met some hikers who've had the same idea as us. So after sunset we sat together with our new won friends and chatted 'till the stars rose. Sitting around the campfire having fun conversations and getting to know Luka, Isaac and four Spanish girls, they study medicine together (forgot their names sadly). Somehow these encounters seem so much more honest and real then usual conversations. Slept quite good for a backpacking night.

Got up early, to catch sunrise. Because its a National Park, your not supposed to camp up there, so we packed together shorty after 7am, ate breakfast and started to hike back to the car. After some battery recharging in a restaurant we drove to the Rifugio Auronzo, where we started our second hike. We slept at the Dreizinnenhütte that night. Alpine huts are known for snoring guests and the consequences of sleepless nights. Although I know that very well, I was highly amused when I walked into the room at about 10pm and immediately heard one guy snoring like a freaking bear. Still slept pretty good until 5am, got up, opened the door. Fog everywhere, no sight at all. So we slept a bit longer and when the fog started to clear up a little we got out of bed again and hiked to the place we had discovered the evening before.

We were extremly lucky with the conditions. This region is extremly touristy but because the wheater forecast said it would rain for all the three days we where there, it wasn't as crowded as usual. And it never rained a single drop. On our drive back we visited the Lago di Braies. Probably the richest car park owner in the world lives there, you'll know what I mean when you get there. After three days of pure adventure and excitement I got home at 2am and slept for 15 hours straight...