In June the five of us travelled to Scotland for five days due to my father’s participation in the Celtman.

Now the Celtman is not your ordinary triathlon, in short it’s a non-commercial alternative to the infamous IronMan located in the Scottish Highlands.

First a 3.4km swim in the Loch Shieldaig, after that 202km on the bike along the coast and to top it all off, a marathon over a mountain range.

The athlete must look after himself, there is no support provided by the race organizer and further a supporting runner must complete the last 20km with the athlete for safety reasons. Which means that for every competing athlete there is a support team that comes along from the first checkpoint to the finish line, the entire 200k on the road, one of the supporters running the above mentioned last 20km and above all doing everything in their power to get their athlete to finish the race.

Our group according to that;

My father as the athlete, a first friend as supporter 1/driver, a second friend as supporter 2/runner and myself as supporter 3/photographer

The following photographs recount the journey. A lot of things went wrong, f.ex. the airline loosing the race equipment which put a year and a half of preparation at stake or the horrible weather which nearly led my father to quit before reaching the last transition zone. But just as much things went right, overall it was quite the, by definition, adventure.