After deciding to go on a spontaneous trip to Paris I immediately started planning what to see. After a while I came to realize how often it has annoyed me to barely scratch the surface of a place as a tourist. So my only goal was to get to know the city a little bit more in depth, even if it‘s just one arrondissement - I wanted to get a grasp at life there. The rest should happen by chance. We got a room on the Montmartre in the 18ième arrondissement of Paris. So I set myselft the goal to chase after what has inspired so many before me. After walking the streets for hours at a time, zigzagging into every little alley and at all times of the day. I can now say what has once made an impact upon Matisse, Van Gogh and Picasso (who all had a studio on Montmartre) has now inspired me. The streets, the alleys, the ateliers, the bars, the architecture, the lights, the water, and yes of course, the women - this city. Never seen so much beauty in one place.